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I don't have any problem with it. The Internet is not a required system. They can get along fine with paper and pencil. The Internet is also available to everyone, not just to those who please their masters the most. If a regime can't get along with the rest of the world, let's stop routing to them. I have no problem segregating the Internet into zones where there is no access to the other. Let China and Russia talk to each other. I fail to see any good reason why they can route their way into my country, other than the Internet being a free for all. Either abide by the "let everyone on" auspices, or stay home and don't route to us. I'm fine either way. I'd like for the Internet to have everyone on board, but then we get many noisy shitheads and criminals who just want to rip people off or do damage. And some of those are Comcast and AT&T. Anyway, the Internet is a free place, let the people on there, or disconnect for good and do not bother the real world until you can play nice. Someone has to take a stand. We know it's not you, JimC.

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