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Case Study at Lloyds...

When I was a contractor at Lloyds I watched in disbelief at the process that unfolded during one case of outsourcing.

Some sharp suited, quick talking American salesmen turned up and essentially conned senior executives into buying a product that was not fit for purpose and incredibly difficult to maintain (frankly it never worked properly in the first place). The executives where on the whole, IT and security illiterate so it didn't take much effort to pull the wool over their eyes though there were suspicions that some of them were in cahoots with the company concerned. They dumped their own technical people in favour of the outsourcers.

The product was poorly documented, the contract was written with deniability clauses built in and the requirements were poorly framed.

Initial promises of cost cutting have now turned into a damage limitation exercise as the full cost of ownership becomes apparent. The outsourcers have sold their product and the support agreement to an another company who now hold the bank to ransom for every small change required.

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