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Or maybe we're all just talk and no action.

I once had this brilliant business idea; a product I could prototype myself in the metaphorical garage, with what seemed to me like a pretty good marketing, sorry, "go-to-market" story about what it was and why you'd want to pay lots of money for one. I spent six months or so of spare time working on this idea and getting quite over-enthusiastic. Anyway, during this period I heard a round table discussion of some sort ("Bottom Line" on BBC R4, perhaps?) that included a guy from Google who made what seemed to me an astute observation:

Any fool can have an idea. It's all about the excution.

Needless to say I realised I was in the "any fool" category, rather than the "future Dyson, Curry or Zuckerberg" category.

Maybe I'm not the only one here that could say that...

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