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> BUT at its height, WP had up to around 15% market share

WP (Windows Phone 7 and 8) never had more than around 4% of the world smartphone market. There may have been certain countries which did have market share above 10% for a short time. Before there was iPhone and Android MS did have a moderate share (40+% of the US market), the competition was Symbian and Blackberry. After iPhone, MS's market share dropped to 5% (with WM6.x) and it continued falling with brief small recoveries through the WP era.

15% for WP was IDC's and Gartner's failed predictions.


Windows smartphone sales 2008: 20.9 million = 12.3% market share

Windows smartphone sales 2009: 16.8 million = 9.1% market share

Windows smartphone sales 2010: 15.1 million = 5.0% market share*

Windows smartphone sales 2011: 10.2 million = 2.1% market share*

Windows smartphone sales 2012: 17.4 million = 2.5% market share*

* includes both Windows Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems, combined

Source: TomiAhonen Consulting from public analyst and industry data

This table may be freely shared


"""IDC reported that Windows Phone market share, having peaked in 2013 at 3.4%, had dropped to 2.5% by the second quarter of 2014.[135]"""

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