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"*Sigh* how many times do I have to tell people that battery powered devices like this are completely incapable of generating ionizing radiation "

An awful lot, I'm afraid. With the real mumetal underpants wearers, the argument that microwaves are non-ionising tends to result in some kind of woo that perhaps they make proteins or DNA vibrate in a way that causes damage. Of course you can cause thermal damage to proteins and DNA if you concentrate enough microwaves, but not with wifi. Phones can in exceptional cases cause burns - if they are in contact with skin and the battery and CPU get hot - but that's good old heat, not microwaves.

However, given the intended use of this - er - device, the biggest risk is probably an STD transmitted by inadequate sterilisation between users.

Not so much the Internet of Things, more the Internet of Thing Substitutes, with the same risks.

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