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A Few Years Ago I was Sourcing a Chinese manufacturing Contractor . . .

I visited one likely candidate and the Director proudly showed me his then current production run of a custom BlueTooth device.

Basically it comprised a BlueTooth App that communicated with a spherical ball in which there was a BlueTooth receiver, a cell handset vibrator and an inductive charger and battery,

The App would be in a remote cell handset and an SMS message directed to the equipped cell handset would trigger the vibrator, The spherical device was intended for use in the vagina of the message recipient.

The Lover 1 would trigger the vibrator to show Lover 2 they were being thought of by way of a clitoral stimulation.

I asked if they sold well in China, to which he replied No, we do 'it' the natural way. Later I learned he made hundreds of thousands of these devices, which likely explained why he wasn't interested in batches of 500 units of our product!

For some strange reason he gave me a sample of the product. I find it ideal for mixing drinks a la James Bond - "shaken, not stirred".

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