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Resist.... .Resists ..... resis... (oh hell)

One of our ..... associates/acquaintances a few years ago was aware of my skills with computers and one weekend evening asked me to 'give her a hand' with her system, which was misbehaving at the time. The lass in this case was ... gainfully employed ... apparently in the entertainment industry ... There have been umm ... rather a few .. connectible devices manufactured ... mostly USB based, a few bluetooth. She had several and had unfortunately contracted a trojan of some sort in hunting up 'drivers' for one of them.. I'm just *not* going to comment on the rather awkward conversation that ensued.... Firstly having to explain to her that the reason her connections were so terrible of late being that everything she was doing was being tapped off to at least 2 additional destinations, and that the "really nifty ads" for 'outfits' she was getting in her "work email" were (each and every one of them) carrying a copy of one or more trojans.

(as an aside, we did get to know the lass a bit, and some would be quite critical of her, but she was dragging herself out of some very bad places, and is now doing much much better for herself and her 2 children. 'nuff said)

My wife knew about it and had to run off about 15 minutes into the discussion to avoid breaking out in hysterical laughter. Considering the lass in question was only about 3 years older than our eldest, I think I spent the entirety of the time I was there shaded about the colour of the 'fail' icon. I have to give the lass credit, she was quite open about the whole thing, I suspect since it was making her a tidy sum.

WIFI? directly in a ... device... of this nature? *that* deserves a "fail" at the very least.... mind you, bluetooth data transfer rates suck *cough* ass and are liable to fluctuate rapidly depending on *cough* alignment of the antennas I suppose they were hoping to improve *cough* throughput of the data, whilst having the transmitter moving about rapidly.

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