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Pam Ayres

I've long been a fan of Pam Ayres, haven't we all, so I feel moved to write a poem to hopefully capture how she would've commented on this story. Here we are:

I got my girl a Siime

To use under her slacks.

She used it up front,

She used it round the back.

It saved my soul

When I was feeling knacked,

I'd fire up my iPad,

And watch the attack.

One day around nine,

She put her Siime

Where the sun doesn't shine,

I was close to getting mine.

I was having a whack,

When I read in The Reg,

That the Siime could be hacked,

My composure was cracked,

So I pulled up my pants,

And put on a bet,

That most of the net,

Had seen her all wet*

(* in the shower of course)

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