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Microsoft's in-store Android looks desperate but can Google stop it?

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"Google.... imposes conditions on phone makers that are just as rigid."

Are this a serious statement? You think Google's Android restrictions are as rigid as Microsoft's PC restrictions for OEMs?.... Not even close, Samsung can put a skin on an Android that makes it look wholly different than an LG which looks wholly different than a Moto. Do you think Microsoft would have allowed, or would allow today, Dell to make a Windows PC that hardly even looks like the version of Windows on an HP computer? Never. Not ever. Aside from charging them a fortune for Windows, that was the OEMs largest compliant with Windows. They couldn't differentiate, which meant PCs became a commodity and the only way to win was to be cheaper than the next company. The opposite is true of Android. Samsung charges the highest prices on the market with an OS that is available to all.

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