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Yee-hacked! Fired Texan sysadmin goes rogue, trashes boot business

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Amazing how many here assume the blame lies with the company rather than the scumsucker SA who brought us all into disrepute with this unethical, illegal, downright criminal act.

Forget the shiny and look closer at what the report says: That this a-hole was installing clandestine ways to subvert their shop long before he was fired. Maybe his skulking around had raised suspicions? I don't know but he clearly wasn't a team player for a long while before the Chat in the Office took place.

I guess IT professionals get a free pass from some quarters no matter how fucked-up their actions. Always the Mundane's fault no matter how they jump to do what IT specialists say they should (in this case, hiring someone who knows what needs doing because they obviously don't).

Clearly this was a small shop that only had the one high-octane SA in the trenches. Whether that was because this one engineered the office politics that way (been there, seen that) or the company had no-one to share the duties is not clear and not - when you get down to it - relevant.

I like to remember the oft-repeated warning from just about any chapter on computer security: nothing can protect you from a competent insider with the urge to sabotage.

I await the inevitable announcement of the deployment of the Asperger's Defense.

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