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The fact that few bother, is simply because the Google offerings are so good, you would need a bottomless pit of money to do so.

No, that's not the reason.

The fact that few bother is that access to the Android App Store is tied to accepting Googles other services too. There's no mix-and-match: it's all or nothing.

If an OEM wants its customers to have access to apps, that OEM must agree to bundle all of Google's services as the default for their category.

There's lots of OEMs who'd actually pay Google for the right to use the App Store in isolation, but for some reason, downloading and updating third-party software requires a phone that's running Google Docs and gMail too.. Google says everything is interconnected, which is odd, because the result of United States v. Microsoft said that this was a bullshit excuse nearly twenty years ago... and it's still a bullshit excuse today.

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