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quote: Sadly the prosecutors aren't over-reaching. How many people lost wages because of his shenanigans? /quote

actually, they are reaching for their paycheck.

a lot of the "cost" here is for the forensic examinations done (at mandatory price rates where you don't get to choose)... there's very little chance that the company could get to cash in some of those once the various state fees and costs are deduced.

Just the costs of forensic cloning of a server raid drive array and follow-up examination alone can rise quickly to multiple-digit thousand dollars alone because of this: they need to buy at least the double of same amount of similar-capacity server-grade drives, and a new server that's raid-compatible with the old one. (Double the capacity because they would needed to make 2 sets of forensic drive clones, a read-only clone as primary evidence and a read/write one for functional examinations). Add to this the costs of the various licenses they need to buy again (if it's commercial software) since it's basically a new server build-up and the prosecution costs can rise sharply.

And after all is finished and the guy is sentenced, all of this brand new equipment will go and rot into some evidence crate somewhere, nailed shut and gathering dust on some shelf.

All paid through the 'costs' attached to the sentence.

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