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"Now the first 30mins of each meeting is spent trying to remember the passwd for the conference room skype-for-business account, then nobody can remember who set it up and what email address they used for the password reset. then we have 5mins of emailing each other regular skype account names and sending new connection requests to each other."

At the risk of sounding like a petty killjoy 1) or something - these problems have nothing to do with the technology you are using and everything to do with the way you internally organise how to use it. If you organise this sort of thing 2) PHB-style 3), expect PHB-style "results".

1) Around here we have the wonderfull term Korinthenknacker for that. Which can be suitably modified for extreme cases by omitting the third "n".

2) Or any other thing that needs a bit of organising in order to work.

3) Giving further proof that true, unpredictable randomness is actually possible (but never from a machine).

(Mine's the one with all the mind maps and Gantt charts in the pocket.)

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