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Indeed! There's even this magical "new" thing called role based access, whereupon, get this, you only give limited access to anyone needing it, and further minimize risk by making more delineations in the roles where the work gets done. It's built into just about every software system I've seen. You can setup a class structure where only admin A can build a thing, and only admin B can give access to it, or other business role breakdowns based on the capabilities of the product.

Although, that would require more people to man the operations and then making sure those roles are adhered to. And that requires well thought out planning and teamwork. Something that a shoe manufacturer may miss in their mad dash to cut costs in IT. I'm sure this madmin [sic] was of low cost and quality to begin with, and here's what you get for your money, Mr Boot CEO; fucked.

Also, cowboy boots are made for; 1) actual livestock workers, 2) people pretending to be actual livestock workers IRL or on TV, and 3) racists.

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