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Floaty Fiberoptic Cables from the barge back to the Mothership

"...blaming video link problems..."

Yep, high gain satellite dishes on a barge is apparently fine, right up until you land a rocket on the barge. That's been very well established by now.

So, solutions: Floaty fiberoptic cables (cheap, one-time use strands, a half-dozen in parallel) from the barge to the mothership a few miles away would be one fix. Or, a short distance comms link (with commensurate low gain antennas immune to bouncing) from the bouncing barge to the mothership. Thence onward and upward with the delicate satellite link back to SpaceX HQ. Plenty of obviously viable options. An easy Comms problem to solve. Very easy.

PS1: Yeah, SpaceX is cool, etc. Yep, got it. This is another parallel thought on reliable comms for those with room for two thoughts at once.

PS2: Yes, these *are* viable solutions. Clearly. And there are others. The satellite dishes do not have to be on the barges.

The downvoters will flail away in spite of the facts. Go ahead...

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