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Forget robot overlords, humankind will get finished off by IoT

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Not as skint, not as young, but will be happy to do mushrooms when a suitable situation presents itself - as a rational type, I have take heed of the positive results all scientific studies (including three and five year-on follow-ups) have seen in test subjects. My body fat is low enough that I wouldn't be storing up surprise flashbacks for the future.

A European friend of mine asked a mate in the Westcountry to take her to Wales [border] to pick some, but due to her accent he drove her to Wells [Somerset].

I'm still confused by the downvote - I'd have thought that the idea of a man sitting in a bush with a radio control unit and spinning out hippies with a motorised wheely-bin of his own creation was in the true spirit of The Reg - I can't think of a better use for a load of NiCad batteries. Perhaps I was wrong. Have I changed or have you lot?

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