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> women won't be able to tear themselves away from their mobiles long enough to be able or willing to procreate.

A lot of them are actually using their phones for Tinder, but if they'd 'swiped right' on your profile,you'd know that right? I prefer my social networking to be done in pubs. It's probably a coincidence that my favourite pubs have piss-poor phone signal (and an ethos of cheerful mixed-company piss-taking, compassion and drunken highjinks), but still!

I'm suspicious of ideologies, and whilst that does includes a fair chunk of the women claiming to be feminists (it's a broad church, and will always have a lunatic fringe), it also includes people who use terms like land-whales (it doesn't make you sound attractive). It just seems that anti-men and anti-women views often come from the same miserable pool.

Whilst it's disappointing the number of young women who are overweight today,the answer lies more in encouraging them to ignore advertising, to cook from basic ingredients and to dance joyfully around the kitchen whilst doing so, as opposed to shaming them (lowering people's self-esteem often only makes them eat more). Lead by example. Be a proper chap, there's a good man.

I'm also suspicious of people who use the term 'workshop' in relation to anything other than light industry.

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