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I'd give you 100 upticks if I could for your mention of The Machine Stops.

The real threat is not the Evil Robots - it's the brainless, burbling marketing-droids: the Cloud-wallahs, the IoT-mongers, the SaaS-pushers with their fixed grins, zealots' eyes and empty, ringing braincases. And their sinister, pin-eyed financial backers.

Let's round them all up at gunpoint* and force them to read this story (in book** form) over and over until they can prove that they've actually understood it.

And then kill them anyway, just because.

* gun: an analogue device, not connected to the Internet, which you can use to propel a small lump of metal (also not connected to the Internet) at high speed into the body of people you object to. Without even using an app!

** book: a collection of sheets of paper with symbols marked on them. Not connected to the Internet. Some humans are able to - sorry, I meant "have the app to" - "read" "books" and absorb new information from them.

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