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I would love to do that to my local pavement cyclists. The number of times I've been abused, ridden at, and once actually assaulted by riders who seem to think that we pedestrians should jump out of their way as they whizz along the pavement. Partly, it must be said because some dickhead marked it on a TfL cycle map*, despite it being totally unsuitable for sharing, has no markings or signage ( so no legal right to cycle there) , never been announced to the local population or consulted about (I've lived here 20+ years).

Which doesn't excuse the cyclists who seem to think that it's theirs and that they have exclusive rights to this length of pavement.. They don't have, which is why the footbridge over the North Circular Rd in the middle of the stretch has stairs. For we pedestrians. And I have no doubt that most of them just use it because they can, probably never having even seen that TfL route.

AC because already too much identifying info included.

*As far as I can work out someone wanted to include it in a "cycle to school" plan ( not a high speed Lycra plan btw) and someone else agreed to put it on the cycle route map, without actually making it official -which they probably wouldn't have been able to. A way of fiddling the targets for miles of cycle routes or something. Few, if any, of the residents even know of this and some have lived here 30+ years. Because no one ever told any of us. I stumbled upon it by accident. I was helping someone with a paper TfL map and there it was!

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