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Bill Gray

Re: "300 football fields of rainforest per hour is cleared"

Hang on! Does the last part of this sentence seem even faintly reasonable to you?

"From this wiki entry, I find that a football field is 7140 square meters which, with the magic of the metric system, means 7.14 square kilometers."

A football field is 7.14 square kilometers? 714 _hectares_?

Correct by a factor of a thousand (difference between meters and square meters, or metres and square metres), which propagates through the rest of your math, and we're looking at 14670 years to remove all the rainforests. Which may swing your argument the other way, from "the numbers are obviously bull feces" to "the numbers _were_ bull feces, but now they're solid, and show that it'd take a century to use up even one percent of the rainforests."

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