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Alabama joins anti-web-smut crusade with mandatory opt-out filters

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Now watch Alabama's taxes dry up.

If every internet capable device sold in Alabama has to have the filter, then no merchant with an ounce of sense will sell any such device in Alabama any longer.

Every mom & pop store, every big box electronics retailer, & any online retailer like Amazon, Ebay, etc will refuse to sell to anyone that tries to use an Alabama address.

"We're sorry but we can not sell this item to you. Your State laws make it impossible for us to do so. If you feel this is wrong then please contact your State Representatives. Thank you, Signed, $Merchant)."

All Alabama residents will have to go across state lines to purchase such devices from a state without such nanny-fucking-tastic laws in place, at which point Alabama's tax revenues will take a MASSIVE hit to their bottom line.

The law makers will whine & blame everyone but themselves for the state budget shortfalls, ignoring the fact that they shot themselves in the foot of their own volition.

Dear Law Makers, stop passing nanny laws & do what we're paying you to do: the nanny-fucking-tastic stuff is NOT it.

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