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New prison law will let UK mobile networks deploy IMSI catchers


El ref,seems to be a bit behind the times,the UK government has a whole fleet of com's interception and monitoring aircraft,come to sunny Watford and you can watch them taking off from RAF northolt everyday,we have at least 4 bn islanders that take it turns to float per London,24/7,that old caravan is used sometimes,but we also have some other twiin engine hobbies that are similar to the Cessna caravan but have massively extended wings(front to back) almost twice the size of "normal" wings..

Northolt is a very intetestig field to watch,you never know what or who you are going to spot using it,half the real "vip's" that fly into the UK use it,saves them having to mix with hoi polio at public fields/airports...and is also very close to gif courses,which comes in handy for American presidents...

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