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"Sure, but I would also expect them to be arrested for assault and criminal damage and the court to order them to pay to fix said damage. They should have called to police to address the original issue..."

1) What assault? The previous comment was 'then OFFER to', which might be interpreted as a threat.

2) Original poster stated: 'come into someone's yard' to 'mount a camera on a pole': That's trespass, probably criminal trespass (damage to the property when mounting the camera, or erecting the pole) and so the land owner has the right to remove said item, and yes, that removal can include destruction of said items - they were abandonned on private property, and the person doing so may well be fined for the cost of removing said items.

As for the drone: It was over private property. American law does vary from state to state but I believe they do uphold the right of a landowner to protect their property against intrusion, so shooting the drone down would be within his right. The owner of said drone would have no right to compensation: Either the drone was under control and the trespass was deliberate or it was not and so the drone was a danger to people and property and needed bringing down for safety.

Calling the police is usually the best option, yes, but sometimes direct action is required. This is what the courts are for: To judge if the action taken was justified and they have twice now said 'yes'.

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