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Bloke whose drone was blasted out of sky by angry dad loses another court battle for compo

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The problem with drones is that they are potential killers! Imagine how a toddler would fare if one crashed into their head! Batteries fail as could the operator and the potential damages for injury or death caused by uninsured flight operators could be millions.

I can see the potential uses of drones by skilled operators, but as toys - no. There is no need for them. In the UK the model aircraft flying club/association requires all members to be insured, and trained to a degree so that they are sensible and fly in designated model fly zones. They need landowners permission to fly over fields. In spring Buzzing drones flown by idiots can cause sheep to abort lambs! What goes up must come down and where these menace drones/ model aircraft come down can be pure chance if they run out of fuel/ battery or input from the remote!

Please let us ban their use by all but Necessary and useful reasons. Military use seems reasonable as does any emergency use but toys are not neceassary!

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