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if its a iphone turning the phone off is normal enough nowadays or don't give your finger for 24 or is it 48 hours then you have to use code

if its android you can encrypt the phone as well its best make sure you turn off the phone (if about to be arrested power off phone or restart or keep thinger on power button after 10 seconds the phone will power off or reboot) so they can't just break into the phone when its at the lock screen as quite easy to bypass screen lock on android when you got 3-6 letters in your name (if it's encrypted they need the code when the phone is booting up) neat trick is setting your phone to auto shutdown at set times (like 2am) so to prevent them from been able to accessing the data (unless they do it the moment they get there hands on the phone but i doubt they are that efficient

if you're under 18 you should teach your kids to never unlock your phone to police or school request unless you have a lawyer present as some of them are just out to catch you out on a technicality just for the sake of it (USA has some poor laws where between 15-18 where you're treated as a adult but not a adult at the same time, you can get yourself in trouble by having pictures of yourself on your own phone)

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