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Surely this could have been avoided.....

A little common courtesy goes a long way.

I've got a drone that I use to get video of the kids playing in the pool etc. While I try to keep the drone within my property (I'm on 1 acre) it does occasionally end up flying over the fence line and *could* see into my neighbour's yard but I have spoken to neighbours on all sides, explained what I use it for, showed them the lights on the drone (so they can tell which way the camera is facing), don't use it if they are doing anything in their own yard and given them the option to review and delete any footage I take with it. I've also offered them use of it (with me flying it....) should they want any footage of their own place.

None of them have any problems at all.

It's amazing what a little actual conversation with your neighbours can achieve......

AC because - well you're all a bunch of drone haters :-)

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