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Bloke whose drone was blasted out of sky by angry dad loses another court battle for compo

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People are talking about technical means to bring down the drone.

This guy did use technology to bring down the phone. Commodity, off-the-shelf, extensively characterized and tested technology.

It might seem old-fashioned, but firearms use technology is far in advance of advance of other items. Over hundreds of years millions of people have thought about and worked on making them better.

No flaky nets with short range and unpredictable aerodynamic. No question about the power output of a laser. No endless discussions about jamming frequencies, modulation and encoding. Just reliable chemical energy predictably converted to kinetic energy, with 99% predictable aerodynamic braking.

The discussion really shouldn't be about the technology used to bring down the drone, it should be about the legality of flying it over property, using a camera where human observers wouldn't normally be, and when bringing down such a drone is OK.

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