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Bloke whose drone was blasted out of sky by angry dad loses another court battle for compo

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What a colostomy bag...

If you come into someone's yard & mount a camera on a pole so you can watch a child sunbathing, do you REALLY think the property owner isn't going to come out with a chainsaw to cut down the pole, a cricket bat to beat the shit out of the camera, & then offer to smash in your skull if you do it again?

You flew a drone over his house so you could film his underage daughter, the courts aren't going to be sympathetic to your irrational demand to be compensated for the damaged goods.

If you had tried that shit on the other side of the pond, would they have slapped you with an ASBO by now with cries of "think of the children!"?

Keep on appealing the case against you, I hope you go bankrupt from the legal fees.

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