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Felony Rioting

These self-described anarchists were charged with felony rioting. They broke windows, vandalized an ambulance, attacked police, tried to break into a bank. They set fire to a limousine. Some were charged with assaulting police officers.

They threw rocks and bricks at police, buildings, bystanders. Some bystanders ended up in the hospital. There was over $100,000 in damage. The average age of the protesters were 27 years old. On arrest, many already had expensive lawyers ready to come to their aid.

This was in DC on inauguration day. This is not a day to mess with police!

These were not peaceful protesters. These were people whose sole intention was violence. By law, you lose certain rights when arrested, especially if your intention was violence, violence, and more violence.

This organization is highly organized and this was not their first riot. The police have the right to uncover how they are organized so they can keep innocent people safe by preventing similar riots from these same people.

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