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"Because a good IDE makes you much more productive"

which is why I've been working on one, off and on, for several years [using native X11, meaning a simplified C language toolkit to manage basic UI elements]. money would make it go faster.

Until then, there's pluma (or gedit on gnome 2) for the code, gimp for graphics images, and 'whatever tool' (including hand-coding) for HTML and dialog layouts. When you look at the older Visual Studio versions, where hot-keys quickly got you to the thing you needed to change something on a dialog box (or add a variable, let's say), the IDE _WAS_ more productive. Since 2000-something, though, it's gotten all "property sheets" and "mousie-clickie-mousie-clickie" where it JUST! GETS! IN! THE! WAY!!!

in short: if you have to remove one hand from the keyboard to operate a mouse more than a few times per hour, there's something wrong with the IDE.

And DevStudio is one of the _WORST_ at that (post DevStudio '98 anyway)

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