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Ofcom wants automatic compensation for the people when ISPs fail


Ofcom really seem to have missed the mark on this one.

The ISPs are at the mercy of either BT Wholesale or OpenReach, and there is nothing in this proposal that will force those two companies (both of whom have a pretty solid monopoly) to change their behaviour or actually allow the ISPs to negotiate fair contracts.

Yes, there's the occasional case where the ISP themselves make a mess of things, but compared to the mess OpenReach make it's incomparable (not to mention the amount OpenReach/Wholesale charge for fixing faults that should not even be chargeable).

The best laugh is the £30 compensation for missed appointments. Even if you're just on the living wage, a day's holiday essentially has a cash cost to you of over £60, and an actual value of far more. Conversely, if BT OpenReach turn up and you've popped out, they charge you/the ISP (IIRC) £130+VAT. That kind of asymmetry is a sure sign of an abusive and unfair monopoly.

(Yes, I've responded to the consolation to say this. I'd implore everyone else to do so too.)

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