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Blinking cursor devours CPU cycles in Visual Studio Code editor

Dave 15

yup crappy code from crappy design from crappy requirement

Who the hell needs a blinking cursor, and who needs one with an option to switch it to solid and a timer for a refresh rate so high....

*For heavens sake, I buy a more powerful processor with more ram so I can do more USEFUL things (like designing good porn finding programs) and NOT to waste on pointless screen decoration.

I mean... from what I can see the code needs...


create a timer()

on timer ()

go to the options storage area, find the option- probably including parsing some xml these days()

// yes, done every time in case someone has changed the option!

check cursor is on()

if (solid)

if cursor not on'

set cursor on


if cursor not on

set cursor on


set cursor off

retrigger timer if needed by the os design

ffks sake really, all this for something I don't need, and all the potential security holes as well (i.e. make sure the option code is good etc etc etc)

And then the writing the code for the setting and clearing of the option

No wonder modern computer code is slow, shit, bloated and requires gigabytes to print hello world on the screen

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