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Blinking cursor devours CPU cycles in Visual Studio Code editor

Douchus McBagg

why the fudging flipperdy flop, is the CPU giving two patooties about rendering the futher monking cursor?

this is why you never give the dev team decent kit. makes 'em lazy. if it runs good on a thing from ten+ years ago, it'll hit light speed on a reasonably current machine. and that equals "good user experience"

how much CPU does a serial link WYSE terminal have to render it's cursor? sweet gravy Winston, if i had 13% of the CPU power of a current thing back then, i'd have been playing quake in 1978 instead of having been eaten by a grue!

our current dev team have dual socket six core Xeons with gobs of ram and Cuda Cores. makes me want to puke.The business wonders why all their in house apps run like chewing gum on a sun baked sidewalk.

/Cave Johnson

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