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Nice start to a Friday!

This last several years I've been feeling I'm getting further and further behind most of you clever (and younger, sob!) IT bods that inhabit the commentardiat here, but this article made me feel reasonably clever for as long as it took to read it, as I understood all that back in senior school (indeed, I taught my physics teacher a thing or two about topology - what? No, in an experiment on magnetism involving very long coils and how opposing magnetic fields interact, get your mind out of the gutter, honestly, some people, tsk!).

For a few seconds, I basked in the glow of feeling a little smarter than others. Then Destroy All Monsters brought me back to reality. Sanity is restored. I know my place, etc - so back on with me flat cap, and another day's drudgery at the Helldesk coalface.. (to be followed by a healthful wee bottle of wine with dinner, of course!)

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