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De oppresso liber

"To Free the Oppressed"

For far too long, power has been concentrated in the hands of "root" and this "wheel" oligarchy.

They have attempted at instituting a dictatorship of the users through Digital Rights abuses.

All system administration functions will be handled by the People's Committee for Democratically Organizing the System (PC-DOS).

No longer will it be permissible for files and processes to be "owned" by users, thereby overflowing and "owning" it's users. All files and processes will own themselves, and decided how (or whether) to respond to requests from users.

The X Window System will henceforth be known as the NC-17 Window System.

And finally, UNIX itself will be renamed "PC" - for Pro-creatively Challenged.

UNIX(tm) is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories. Any similarity of names or attitudes to that of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Re: Don't count on it...

The argument is not just about Cryptography and passwords, the argument is about "Code Purity" and Computer "Security" as people call it, when you understand that, then you understand the C Language and understand it can be weaponed as a virus ie: "Pthreads!"

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