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not using (...) and not allowing unsigned integers to 'wrap' is short-sighted...

the implications of 'printf'-like utilities, as well as gcc format checking pragma, were pointed out in the comments. But there are use cases for wrapping an unsigned integer, SUCH AS the calculation of a time interval on a 32-bit unsigned value that calculates milliseconds or microseconds, and wanting to schedule events based on elapsed time. When you EXPECT a wrap-around, you can code around it.


uint32_t lTick = millis(); // # of milliseconds since start, using 32-bit unsigned value


if((int32_t)(millis() - lTick)) > my_interval) { do something; lTick += my_interval; }

this pretty much works universally, and is similar to what the Linux kernel does when scheduling things based on 'jiffies'.

(and in some cases I'll even truncate the math down to 16-bits to make code work faster, such as on a microcontroller like Arduino, where this example might be used a LOT)

so... maybe NO UNHANDLED unsigned integer wrapping?

(yeah a FEATURE, not a bug - I like to work WITH the system's limitations, not against them)

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