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Good news, everyone! Two pints a day keep heart problems at bay


This is correlative not causative.

And all similar studies have been proven to be so too. Sorry to be a party pooper :(

Non-drinkers and Ex-drinkers usually have another reason not to drink - another health condition or lifestyle which isn't compatible with boozing. This group are therefore skewed towards having health issues than any of the other groups; If you're in fine fettle you can be a heavy drinker and you'll be fine, if you're shot and dying of cancer and on a cocktail of sensitive drugs, you're not going to be drinking at all.

Basically a glass of wine a day is fine ..because it doesn't do anything. Drink heavily you're more likely to get some kind of problem. don't drink at all or have given up drink?? There's probably a damn good reason.

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