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Which Kindle?

1) The real eInk ones killing off all competition for people that want to read books.

2) The "fake kindle" Fire tablet, not a kindle at all, but a crippled Android LCD tablet with a Kindle reader app. Overpriced and locked into Amazon store, compared to generic Android. Yes, an Apple iPad is better than the Fire.

No way can an eInk Kindle and ANY tablet, Apple or other be compared. They have totally different applications.

Though it's true that people reading eBooks:

1) Phones

2) Tablets

3) Dedicated eInk readers

4) Laptops.

But it's to do with cost (a decent eInk Reader is only good for text and costs x2 to x5 a Tablet), flexibility and the fact everyone has a phone, and handier in bus etc.

Not many people except those that read a lot AND have seen modern eInk are going to spend the extra on an eInk reader (the lovely waterproof Kobo Aura HD H2O is x4 price of cheapest eInk Kindle) after a phone and tablet.

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