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Mid-range market for tablets is depressing

The Asus linked to seems not such a bad deal, until you realise it has:

- a slower processor

- a lower resolution screen

- a higher price

than Tesco's own Hudl 2 had over 2 years ago.

The truly sad thing is that there aren't really any better deals. You've got your premium units over £250 and the sub-£80 units (with all the trade-offs you'd expect), but there's nothing in the £100-200 range that's actually worth the price.

Personally, I snapped up a second Hudl when Tesco found a box of them at the back of a warehouse late last year and flogged them for £69. Since the first one was exclusively for the six year-old's use, I'd forgotten what a stunning screen it has next to the Amazon line-up.

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