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Even Amazon Fire is overpriced.

The Fire is a crippled Android tablet. It sells because of Amazon home page adverts.

I got a perfectly good Android tablet on Amazon (with SD card slot) for £50. Cheaply added 32G SD card and a £8 USB keyboard (better action and instant use on Tablet wake).

The Apple tablet is a locked eco-system (need iTunes to transfer) and twice the price of "good enough" tablets.

Fire sale icon.

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There was a silly article on a UK paper website this morning about Apple being "for everyone" and "egalitarian" and now they are going "Champagne" with next iPhone. This is nonsense as the whole point of Apple has been premium pricing and people showing off that they can afford it. It's the only reason why they sold as many "Apple Watch" as they have, though that has fallen off a cliff? Is it 50% down?

Shops that used to have a whole counter for Apple now have one niche spot or none at all. Instead they have Samsung, Lenovo and even Huiwei.

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