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It's happening! It's happening! W3C erects DRM as web standard

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Anonymous Coward

Well you don't actually have to listen to anything W3C says

They do not run the servers or host anything useful since they sold out so just ignore them

As to the other bodies who thought this was a good idea, then remember you can also be ignored

IMHO until the day when no one can buy exclusive content rights then DRM is there simply to support a state sponsered monopoly that puts consumers last.

You would imagine that Netflix would know better, given their efforts in allowing VPN access to their services so as to allow their customers to bypass the same exclusive content restrictions that removes 70% of their content from their non-US customers

Again IMHO If the distributers were removed and content was sold direct to the consumer then the artists and studios would still make their money and when the content is too cheap to bother ripping actually remove the whole "piracy" issue once and for all. Distributors create nothing and exist only to tax their consumers, you would imagine that they would dislike them too but there you go

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