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Glen Murie

I saw something similar

A long time ago I was involved in a large scale project where I and a number of contractors were assigned to do the grunt work of training users, swapping boxes, and occasionally running scripts. Because we were all giant nerds we looked at the scripts, and fixed them when they misbehaved.

The scripts were in plain text, and ran under an account username: george and password: jungle.

The account had full admin rights, so we promptly went about giving our crippled network accounts full admin rights so we could do our damned jobs. This in turn brought us to think: "This company contracting us has an in house security team with soundproofed offices, safes, and locked doors to which that team has the only keys. What the hell are these idiots doing that they haven't caught on to us yet?"

So the other members of my team (more technically competent than I) hacked into the PCs of the security team and found Quake and Doom. We never did rat them out, since our own misdeeds would have been uncovered. For all I know, they're still playing LAN games and neglecting their jobs two decades later.

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