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Samsung's Bixby totally isn't a Siri ripoff because look – it'll go in phones, TVs, fridges, air con...

Outer mongolian custard monster from outer space (honest)

Not more cloud processing nonsense by someone who's already created exploitable tv's and worse.

Roll on the days of CMU Sphinx being usable as a home only processing node. We *really* need to get away with sending all our data offsite for processing if we're to retain any semblance of privacy. At the moment its a bit of a bear to get running right, but its being worked on.

As a aside we were woke last night by my wife's android phone declaring that it didnt understand something, it seems a update had enabled ok google in chrome without asking. I'm insisting that she leaves it downstairs since I can't persuade her not to throw the damn thing in a bucket of water as a more preferred option.

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