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Samsung's Bixby totally isn't a Siri ripoff because look – it'll go in phones, TVs, fridges, air con...

GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

"It would be remiss to write about the adoption of voice assistants on consumer devices without mentioning Apple."

- No, really, this isn't necessary. We just need to now what Bixby can do. Siri wasn't the first voice assistant, as an android / Samsung user I'm far more interested to now how it stacks up against other vice assistants for that platform.

"They have the ability to introduce technologies to a wider public because of their integrated structure, resources, and that their user base is less fragmented."

- Revisionist horsepuckey. When Siri was released, the iPhone4 was still available to buy,... but it came without Siri. What's that if it's not fragmentation? Or is it only fragmentation when Android doesn't support a feature?

"They will rarely be the first to sell a technology, preferring to wait until it is more mature - and this only helps them promote it to the general non-techy public."

-More revisionism, Apple Maps was an omnishambles, not a mature product. Siri struggled with accents, upon release. The first iPhone didn't do MMS, C&P, browsing without WiFi, GPS, flash on the camera, ... it lacked features found as standard on other handsets.

"Siri has its roots in a DARPA project for triaging information to battlefield commanders."

So I hear. It's provenance is more of a concern, than a feature.

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