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No. Stew. Recipe follows:

1 elephant

5 rabbits (optional)

cooking oil (I use lard)

enough flour to dredge the meat, seasoned if you like

6 hundredweight onions

4 hundredweight carrots

2 hundredweight celery

50 pounds salt

50 pounds pepper

1 bay leaf (if you leave it out, you'll miss it!)

4-5 barrels good red wine and enough water to cover

Cut the elephant into bite-sized pieces. Dredge in flour, and brown in the oil. While the elephant is browning, dice up the veg. Throw it all into the pot with the elephant. Add the salt & pepper and bay leaf, give it a good stir. When the onions are translucent, add the wine & water and bring to a simmer. It is done when the elephant is tender. If you are serving more than 2500 people, cut up and brown the rabbits with the elephant ... but be careful, most people don't like to find hares in their stew.

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