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"Do not believe that a box made of plasic set up in your living room cares about YOU. If you do, you must be stupid, very stupid."

Newsflash: most people in this world are stupid, very stupid. Google knows this, which is why it is rich, very rich.

You know this, of course, because you are not so stupid. Neither am I. But we and others like us - including many readers of this thread - are a tiny minority, condemned to drowing in a vast sea of endless stupid.

What can we do about it? Many things. Join a wacko religion. Switch off the computer and grow tomatoes in the back yard. Drink heavily. Close your eyes and wait to die. Post grumbles on the Register. Get rich by investing in a company with a business model heavily based on assuming that most people are stupid.

None of these strategies will actually do any good, of course, but they help the time go by.

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