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Anonymous Coward

"For double plus fun you'd actually be working for the little publicised private subsidiary of HMRC."

Care to share?

While looking for that, this came up:

Workers employed by ISS to clean HMRC buildings have had hours docked and lost out on tax credits as firm complied with ‘national living wage’

For Hill and several other cleaners – nearly all women in their 50s born and bred in Liverpool – there was an additional sting in the tail. Single people on low pay who work at least 30 hours a week qualify for the government’s working tax credits to supplement their wages. Ironically, these credits are paid out by HMRC, which is also the government department responsible for enforcing the NLW.

When ISS lopped two hours from their working week, the cleaners fell below the threshold and have, as a result, lost between £40 and £50 a week in tax credit payments each. Several of the women have visited Citizens Advice bureaux (CAB) or the council’s One Stop Shop for advice in recent weeks and have been told they would be better off not working and receiving full benefits.

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