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Basically, you can't afford to buy back your privacy. Not even a cabin in the woods can save you from aerial and satellite surveillance.

Yeah you can, easily. They haven't yet come up with a way for a satellite to see through trees (just look at forestry in Google Earth - can you see the ground? No? Then trees provide cover, duh!), and if you use the right kind of trees (pretty much most tall evergreens) even IR can have a hard time getting through.

Just look at any location with fairly dense trees, even in urban areas, and you'll see quickly how much difficulty satellites have with seeing through dense wood. I know of several cabins that are completely invisible until sufficient trees are felled around them - most of the small cabins on Mt Egmont for a start, many in the Tararua's and other popular hunting/tramping areas. Larger ones have some land cleared around them or have enough of a ground-footprint that trees don't cover them, smaller ones about the size of a small bedroom can be completely concealed. Ask S&R people about the ability for helicopters to see through trees even when hovering.

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