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User jams up PC. Literally. No, we don't know which flavour

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Had a family member with a cheap computer with a razor blade case and the CD Rom drive stopped working. Went round to open the case up and reconnect the cable that had come loose from the motherboard. Had a brainwave whilst opening the case, I needed protection for my hands. So I asked for some Marigolds in the guise of static electric protection for the PC. Got away without any blood loss during that and subsequent visits.

Same family member is having an issue with their Sky box later on that night. There was an issue with the viewing card and nothing was working so call technical support i.e. Me. I said take the card out, power down the box and remove power cable. Then wipe the contacts on the card gently before sticking it back in upside down and powering the box up again. "That won't work" comes the interruption and I said I was happy not to help out in future. "But if it's upside down the card won't be able to be read" So I pointed out that of the two people on the call I was the only person who had engineer in their job title. They followed the instructions and at the end I said take the card out and turn it right side up. "F*ck me it's working!!! How do you know all this stuff?" I referred them to my job description.

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