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My fear here is that adverts will be tailored, and they can be broadcast not only depending on who is in the room, but on who isn't, so the Google AI can advertise products to children when the parents aren't present,

Easy to tell. Borrow or buy a small voice recorder/tape recorder etc, start it well outside of hearing range of the google spybot, leave it in the room. Don't mention it or discuss it with anyone (other than as needed to procure it). And don't buy it with anything but cash, preferably leaving your phone elsewhere when you do. Certainly don't use your android phone as your recorder because google will know what you're doing and make sure the device doesn't say anything dodgy to the kids.

For the bonus money round, carefully prime the thing to advertise stuff to your kids that would be legally dodgy (eg advertising a peanut-filled chocolate bar to your kids when one of them is allergic to nuts, or you could use your imagination), and then take action against Google for risking the wellbeing of your children.

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